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Products. Charging station

Main technical specification of the charging station "Vityas EC-301" for electric vehicles

Purpose Charging of the electric vehicle battery
Application Outdoor (setting on the parking, in the public places)
Charging type AC
Mode 3, Mode 1
Input voltage 3 phase, 400V, 32A
Outlets, pcs 2
Outlets type Type 2, Schuko
Output voltage:
- Mode 3
- Mode 1

3 phase, 380V, 32A
1 phase, 230V, 16A
Output power (max), kW:
- Mode 3
- Mode 1

Access to the station RFID-card, SMS, mobile application
Data transmitting GPRS, RS-485
Safety RCD, outlets without voltage before connection of the power load
Protection IP54
Indication of the state LED, 3 colors
Energy meter Integrated
Weight, kg 22
Dimentions: WDH, mm 2242241170

Date: 24.10.2019
URL: http://en.vityas.com/products/evchstaten/175.html

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