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Press Center. International specialized exhibition "EnergyExpo-2017"

International specialized exhibition "EnergyExpo-2017"


     JSC "Vityas" took part in the 22nd international specialized exhibition "Energy. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro" (EnergyExpo-2017), that held in the frames of the XXII Belorussian energy and ecologic forum, from 10th to 13th Oct 2017, in the Roofed Soccer Arena, that located on the Pobeditelei ave., 20/2, Minsk, Belarus.

     On the booth of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and on the booth of The Ministry of Industry of Republic of Belarus were demonstrated modern novelties of products of our company like charging stations for electric vehicles in two modifications - EC-301 (floor mounted) and EC-302 (wall mounted).

Date: 15.12.2017
URL: http://en.vityas.com/press/news/633.html

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