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Your new TV


    Recently a new kind of products of our company has become available for customers – LCD TV « Vityas 32 LCD 861-6DC LED ». This elegant LCD model with LED backlight receives both analog signals and digital signals of standard DVB-T and digital cable television broadcasting of standard DVB-C.

Витязь 32 LCD 861-6DC LED

    TV is produced on the base of modern technology and possesses a set of functions which you should learn in its operation manual when buying it. In particular, it is possible to connect the USB storage to your new "Vityas" and not only to open the files on it, but also to save new information on it and even to format your flash. Certainly, the TV is irreplaceable when you use a video recorder, DVD or a Blue-ray-player, game consoles and even a computer. The only restriction is that TVs of this family have the limited compatibility with the personal computer, therefore appropriate work can be guaranteed only if the videocard corresponds to standard VESA of 60 Hz. Any differences from this standard will lead to distortions of the image.

    You can listen to soundtracks on headphones. You can control by your TV by means of a remote control which uses the infra-red signal.

    The built in modes "House" and "Shop" is a know-how for economical owners, they differ in brightness of backlight of the LCD panel. The mode "House" is more energy economical and increases service life of the panel of the TV.

    The mode "Hotel" uses for special operating mode and allows to limit some functions for the usual user.

    You can tune and view simultaneously analog, DVB-T and DVB-C channels.

    Function Time Shift allows to stop temporarily viewing of a digital program, and then to continue viewing from the same place. This function is not, as a matter of fact, a mode of the record, that’s why the recorded data is erased when you switch off the function. This function does not work with an analog broadcasting; programs having protection against copying; external inputs; data transmission and radio channels.

    In general, read the manual attentively and you’ll find many pleasant things which our new, modern and, certainly, beautiful friend - the TV « Vityas 32 LCD 861-6DC LED » will give you!

Sergey Kolbanov. Photo of the author.