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Brand Holt. It is made in Vitebsk.


    One of these days the first lot of household appliances for kitchen under a known European brand Holt has been produced by JSC “Vityas”. The national manufacturer offers its partners cooperation on the model of industrial outsourcing in order to search for new opportunities for preservation of staff, technological potential and loading of capacities.

    One of the first organizations which have estimated advantages of cooperation with "Vityas", became the Russian company - the owner of brand Holt which is famous for a wide scale of household appliances. As the CEO of Vityas Sergey Gunko has informed «Vitebsk news», the pilot order provides production of a lot of 3 000 pcs. of electric meat grinders. Subsequently on the basis of sales the Russian company will make a decision about the expansion of cooperation with "Vityas" on such business-model.

    The production of goods was preceded with a long preparatory stage. "Vityas" had passed commercial and technical audit of the customer who was convinced of wide production potentialities of the Vitebsk enterprise and qualification of its specialists. Actually the joint-stock company makes a product according to technical requirements and transfers it to the owner of a brand, but the functions of promotion on the market and selling in a trading network are not included into duties of an outsourcer. Such model of industrial business means that the outsourcer works completely with the help of money of the partner organization and solves the main problem of "Vityas" which is the absence of turnaround funds, Sergey Gunko has noted.

    For the Vitebsk enterprise it is not the first experience of realization of the project on industrial outsourcing under brand Holt. In August one lot of kitchen extractor fans for the same partner was produced. After successful sales it placed one more order at "Vityas", having doubled its volume. The difficulty of this project is that Vitebsk experts had to master a new product, which hadn’t been produced before.

    Besides "Vityas" cooperates with the Russian company "Barrier " in the sphere of water purification under the similar model. The Vitebsk manufacturer has active models of filters-cartridges developed together with the local scientific organizations for water purifying and filters-jugs, including all necessary technical and technological data for the organization of their production. The cooperation with the Russian partner is formed on this basis: the Vitebsk enterprise produces corresponding goods which are sold by the customer under his brand. The project with this company has a long-term character, "Vityas" is provided with work for a year forward.

    At the same time the telefactory together with its partners study opportunities of expansion of a model range of some household appliances with the aim to produce them on an industrial platform in Vitebsk, including the model of industrial outsourcing, Sergey Gunko has added.

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