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The buyer is the main reference point


    Hardly had lamp CRT TVs entered the period of technical maturity when worthy replacement was prepared: flat LЕD panels have confidently taken the leading positions in the TV industry. Modern TVs with LCD panels become more and more popular with the population, owing to the energy saving parameters, the opportunity of reception and decoding of programs of digital broadcasting DVB-T/DVB-C, the opportunity of connection of USB Flash-storage and reproduction of recorded video, audio, drawings, high quality of the image and the super thin external sizes, allowing to place a very large screen on the minimal space area.

    Tens of companies take part in the development of TVs which present the "technology of the future ". JSC “Vityas” is among them.

    Today modern technology allows to make not only devices of a classical television format 4:3, but also large-format 16:9 LCD-panels of the high definition. The size of the screen in different models changes from 13 up to more than 40 inches, catching up projective TVs. The quality of brightness, picture contrast has increased, the corner of the review in LCD-screens has considerably increased. The corner of viewing in modern LCD reaches 178 degrees.

    One more advantage of LЕD is their durability and safety. The term of work declared by manufacturers can be compared with durability of usual CRT TVs and on the average is 60000 hours. If used, it will be ready to work for tens years!

    Residents of Vitebsk who know well the goods produced by Vitebsk TV plant watch the development of the company and are interested in the novelties designed and produced by its specialists.

    The chief production engineer of JSC "Vityas" Vladimir Vladimirovich Tsupriy says:

    - The television production line in our company was designed and produced during the period of producing CRT TVs with the volumes up to 1 million pieces a year. Then with the lapse of time the situation in the market has changed. Nowadays the market demands the development and production of modern LCD-TVs, LED-panels. Our production line has been modernized thanks to our experts from the departments of chief designer, chief production engineer, mechanization and automation. Now it is a modern production line of finishing assembly with a rhythm of 60 seconds. But we do not stop on achieved and we work on the reduction of a cycle of assembly, and we also try to modernize the production line and to start all diagonals of TVs needed for our customers.

    The conversation was supported by the chief of television production of JSC “Vityas” Vladimir Arnoldovich Zhurov:

    - The production line we are talking about is really new and modern. The staff working on it are skilled, competent professionals specializing in modern LЕD TVs. All technical process is controlled by highly skilled experts. For manufacturing our new TVs we use modern parts which have passed the inspection test. Thus, we control all parameters while manufacturing TVs "Vityas" and we do our best to have high quality of our goods and be next best to TVs of the same class. The work is in full swing at the assembly and adjustment sector of LЕD TVs. All process is scheduled, nobody distracts from production, because we need to do so much on time and with high quality.

    The master of a sector Sergey Viktorovich Goncharov has commented:

    - More than 60 persons work at our production line, all people are skilled and their long-term experience allows to fulfill all production targets with high quality and on time. There are always 2 masters and controllers at the sector. We produce different TVs with diagonals from 19 up to 42 inches. We produce 400 and more TVs a day. And we have plans to develop new models of TVs, to expand the list of goods made by our factory. Special attention as it has already been mentioned above, is drawn to the quality of goods and I am satisfied with results of our work.

    Flat modern TVs with bright pictures on their screens were moving along the production line. Experts made necessary operations fast and artfully and here are they - adjusted and checked up TVs “Vityas” are waiting for their buyers.