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The program for OEM partners

JSC Vityas invites partners for participation in joint business program and offers the supply of high quality TV and medical products on the conditions of OEM license. Our program is designed for producers of video products, satellite TV systems, special and medical equipment as well as for large and small retail sellers, offering their products at the customers market of household products.

Products for OEM partners

OEM products should correspond the following requirements:

The guarantee life term for OEM products – no less than 12 months.

In the process of shipment to final customer, OEM partners determine at their will the additional cost of OEM products as part of total cost of supplied product.

The requirements for OEM partners:

Registration of OEM partners

JSC Vityas determines the status of partner and offers the possible variants of supply, basing on the considering of the application form sent by the claimer. As the following step, the partner chooses the appropriate supplier from the list offered by JSC Vityas and makes a contract with him. If the OEM distributor acts as a supplier, the partner should sign up a one-side agreement with JSC Vityas, about the agreement with the conditions of partnership program.

For partners, having direct contract relationship with JSC Vityas, the registration comes simultaneously with signing up the agreement.

After registration, the partner receives the certificate, his coordinates are settled at the corporative server of JSC Vityas, the E-mail addresses of contact persons are put into subscribe lists, and the partner gets the access to partner file server.

Dealer’s registration form

Entrance for dealers

Date: 25.08.2019
URL: http://en.vityas.com/dealers/

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