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        The high level of tool manufacture development of JSC "Vityas", the use of modern equipment, progressive technologies and qualified personnel allow us to project and make high-quality modern industrial equipment in time; to render services on thermo-and mechanoprocessing, to make its repair and maintenance service. Development of engineering and design documentation in corpore is carried out with the use of the advanced software and hardware tools. At the same time, not only drawings or models of products can be used to design and manufacture machining attachments, but also the samples of finished goods.



    for manufacturing details of the contact set; the details, gained by shaping operations:
  • cutting dies;
  • double-action dies;
  • bending;
  • cupping dies;
  • piercing, including the ones for aperture piercing in printed-circuit-boards, min D: 0.7 mm;
  • edging;
  • sizing dies.

Alloyed steels, rapid tool steels, firm alloys are used to make working parts. Development of design and technological documentation for die attachments’ manufacturing; the analysis of details’ production manufacturability; cutting of materials optimization; die designs development are made when designing working parts.


  • for molding plastic by cold-channel and hot channel systems;
  • for molding non-ferrous metals under pressure;
  • for pressing rubber and reactive layers;
  • for processing of expanded polystyrene.
    Kinds of implementation:

  • stationary;
  • block-batch;
  • multiple for business lot and mass production;
  • large-sized, weight up to 10 tons.
    The materials used:

  • Volumetric-hardening steels;
  • corrosion-proof steels;
  • alloyed steels and color alloys.

        Chromium plating, nitriding and carbonization are made.

        The modern mechanoprocessing equipment (including the 3-dimensional machining centers) is used during the process of manufacture.

        Press molds’ designing includes several stages. At the first stage, the detailed analysis of repousse details manufacturability, using special CAD-systems’ modules is carried out. At the second stage, attachments’ details placement is optimized, to achieve greater economic expediency. At the third stage, gate construction and press mold cooling system are optimized. The advanced programs used by designers of JSC "Vityas" allow them to perform such work with big accuracy and in the shortest possible time. The final stage of designing machining attachments consists in manufacturing the complete set of documentation, according to the three-dimensional models, received at the previous stages of work at attachments.

  • any kinds of mechanoprocessing (turning, milling, grinding, coordinate-grinding, etc.);
  • heat treatment.

  • Note:
            The modelling number of equipment and the tools applied, allow to process both small and large-sized parts (machining: table transference – up to 2000x1600x760mm, the sizes of a table’s work surface - up to 2100x1400мм; electroerosion wire machining: table transference 450x320, the size of preparations 1100x760x200мм; electroerosion broaching machining: the sizes of a work bath - up to 2200x1320x620, table transference – 1400x700x500).

  • designing of casting forms, dies, adaptations at a modern technological level;
  • manufacturing and introduction of machining attachments , taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer;
  • training experts in servicing.


        From 6 till 22 weeks, depending on the complexity of the order, on the kind of works ordered (designing and manufacturing of machining attachments ).


        Agreed price, taking into account customer’s wishes during the process of machining attachments’ manufacturing.


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