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JSC "Vityas" is a large, multisectoral company with more than 2000 employees working in the basic manufacture, commodity distribution network and service.

Today the company produces color TVs, medical equipment, other kinds of household electronic appliances, systems of satellite TV, furniture, special process equipment and outfit, building goods, fire-prevention equipment, products of special purpose, thermal energy and electric power, vegetables in a hothouse sector of 6 hectares.

The following services are organized by the company: dental department on the basis of its medical unit, the medical driver's commission, the station of diagnostics of cars on the basis of transport management, a driving school for preparing drivers, a hotel, a sport center with hire of sporting equipment, a parking place for 940 cars.

The company constantly works on the maintenance of quality and competitiveness of produced goods in order to sell the volume of produced goods.

The specialists of JSC “Vityas” are constantly trying to update the produced goods, to expand the list of goods, to develop new goods, which were not produced earlier by the company. Nowadays more than 100 models of TVs on the basis of LCD panels from 15 ” up to 56 ” are produced. Tuners for reception of digital television (terrestrial and cable) and hybrid TVs, allowing to receive both analog and digital broadcasting are developed and mastered in the manufacture. A lot of products for medical equipment are mastered: air sterilizers with the volume of 20, 40, 80 litres, the device of immune-enzyme analysis, the device of acupuncture therapy. New progressive steam sterilizers are being developed and mastered. The fire-prevention equipment such as sets of pulse fire extinguishing, respiratory devices is developed and produced. Development and manufacture of furniture is carried out. Special technological equipment for the needs of manufacture is developed and made. The industrial equipment is developed and made: the most complicated stamps and compression moulds for moulding details from plastic, including the orders of other companies. There is a manufacture of building materials: paving tiles, road kerb, insulating polystyrene concrete plates and foam concrete building blocks which don’t have analogues in Belarus and which are superior to other kinds of materials in technical data.

The Manufacture of building varnish-and-paint materials, building first coats, front paints of all colors, building filler, water-dispersion glues is mastered.

For the first time in Belarus a technological line on processing alive fish of carp breeds is developed. Further, according to the Program of development of the fish branch, all fisheries of the republic are planned to be equipped with such lines.

The company has developed and produced equipment for manufacture of europallets; designing is executed and the equipment is made for manufacturing boxes for maturing cheeses; the technology for manufacture of forms for pressing cheese is fulfilled.

The company does its best to distribute successfully all the goods produced by it. In order to keep the won position on Belarusian and Russian markets there are affiliates in Moscow, St.-Petersburg.

The Innovative activity of the company is determined first of all by application of technological innovations: transition to surface mounting of radioelements, application of new methods of soldering (soldering in the environment of inert gas and soldering with application of soldering pastes), use of the high-efficiency automated installation of radioelements, application of laser cutting of metal and high-speed milling, application of the advanced methods of processing of plastic for manufacturing case details and transition to their colouring by ecologically pure paint and varnish materials on a water basis. The result of ecological innovations is the introduction of technology of sedimentation of copper from solutions of etching of printed circuit boards, use of secondary resources (polystyrene foam packing from tubes) for manufacture of building materials. The powerful fibre-optical computer network is created at the company, all software products necessary for the activity of the company are created by employees of information technology department. JSC “Vityas” is one of basic in the Ministry of the Industry concerning the introduction of CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life cycle Support) - technologies whose basic purpose is efficient control of life cycle of products, reduction in costs at all stages.

With the purpose of economy of a labour recourses and decrease in material inputs, and the increase of a technological level of producs the transition to technology of surface mounting of radioelements is carried out. It allows to lower the weight and dimensions of produced electronic blocks considerably. For this purpose two lines on the basis of automatic devices of firms PHILIPS, YAMAHA are bought. Besides the company has introduced equipment of an American firm UNIVERSAL for automatic installation of the radioelements having radial and axial outputs. The equipment for automation of manufacture of cordlike connections is introduced.

The company is always in charge of saving material, power and labour recourses. The company solves successfully the questions, concerning improvements of production processes and optimization of import deliveries.