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In 1989 the plant completely turned to self-financing, self-support and self-management. In the same year, the production association "Vityas" has been created on the basis of the Vitebsk factory. Except for the TV plant, its structure included the design bureau "Display", trade & technical center, repair & building office and other structural divisions. Meanwhile, the serial TV set 51 TC 311D was recertified and obtained the supreme category of quality.

In 1990, the enterprise achieved the record level of annual TV production - 234 108 sets - and started the manufacturing of medical products. In the way of development of it's scientific and technical potential and improving the production technologies, in 1991 the production association formed it's own center of tests and certification. In the same year, the shop of wood processing was handed over into operation; the enterprise also started the serial production of video monitors. The collapse of USSR in 1992 resulted in the loss of economical links with component suppliers at the territory of other republics. The orders on production of computers were also cancelled. The total volume of TV production decreased for 30% in relation to previous year and consisted 150 171 set - from them, 17 060 sets were exported in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In the same time, the enterprise mastered the production of medical devices, ground satellite antennae with Vityas label, VMM 31 02 video monitors and other household products. Forming the new economic and trade links, the enterprise formed the department of marketing and the network of branches in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Baltic states. Developing its trade network, by 1993 Vityas has created more than 70 tech & trade centers in all CIS countries. On April 22, 1993, the presentation of the first trading house of the association has taken place. Improving technologies of television manufacture, in July, 1994 the enterprise presented ten prototype models of essentially new monochassis-based TV sets, and put them into acceptance test procedures. The technological processes of adjustment and control on monochassis parameters were developed. The serial production of these new TV sets started in 1995. The enterprise was looking for new methods of work, run the research and creation of new TV sets as well as of modern scheme technic solutions. To 1996, the enterprise turned to production of 6th generation TV sets, based on mono chassis, in plastic boxes; these sets did not concede to foreign analogues in any parameter. In the same year, the rescue group "Vityas" was created, also the production of aggregates and blocks, the working bays of assembly and adjustment, wood processing was formed. Also, the engineering production complex "Vityas S' was created.

1997 was marked by the beginning of serial production of analog TVs of sixth generation and starting of work with fire dumping products. High quality of goods from Vitebsk was confirmed by results of testing of ten most prestigious marks of color TVs, published in the Russian magazine "Spros" ("The Demand"). 37'' Vityas TV set won the honorable third place, according to independent experts estimation.

On quality of the image and convenience of adjustment, the TV set from Belarus has even bypassed the similar design set, produced by well-known Philips brand.

In 1998, the new analogue & digital sets of 37", 51'' and 54 ‘' went into serial production. The enterprise was awarded with the premium of Belarus Council of Ministers for advanced design of Genesis set. In 1999:

  • The production of TV sets was certified according to ISO 9001, the international system of quality.
  • The guarantee service term was increased to 25 months
  • Viking and Genesis sets were put into serial production.
  • The enterprise went on the serial production of new analogue & digital sets.
  • The enterprise awarded the diploma of the winner of premium of Belarus Government for its achievements in the field of quality.

Going on with further escalation of production volumes, in 2000 the enterprise produced it's 3 million TV set.

In 2001, as the legislation of Belarus was changed, the production association was newly registered as Republican Unitary Enterprise Vityas. In the same year, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Republic of Belarus visited the enterprise. The annual production volume in 2001 exceeded 300 000 TV sets.

In 2002 the enterprise again confirmed its title of the winner of premium of Belarus Government for achievements in the field of quality. The products of the enterprise won the premium positions in the competitions " Best Goods of Belarus in the market of Russia" and "100 best products of Belarus". The manufacturing lines were again certified by ISO. The manufacturing adopted the new technology of surface mounting; also, the first TV set with 54'' absolutely flat kinescope was produced. Constantly expanded and continuously updated assortment totaled more then 20 models of TV sets from which 8 new models were entered that year.

By 2003, RUE Vityas has been producing more then 30 models of TV sets, with screen diagonal 14 to 29 inches (34 to 72 sm.). The distinctive features of these TV sets were the unified mono chassis, 90 to 100 channels, menu system, user's timer, the protection of selected program from non-authorized watching. Vityas TV sets are characterized by the application of new technologies, the best homemade scheme technic samples, accessories produced by leading world's producers.