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The decision about maintaining TV set plant in Vitebsk, Belarus was made in March 3, 1976. According to initial project, the production capacity of the plant estimated as 300 000 sets per year. The competition for the best name of TV set was announced. The organizers had to choose one from about 150 various proposals - such as "Specter", "Zenith", "Pearl", "Vityas" and others. Finally, the name "Vityas" (The Knight") was chosen, as it sounded deep and melodically, somehow even in Vitebsk style.

In April 1977, Vityas 722 - the first model of color TV set was chosen for serial production. In November, the first and second prototypes of this set were assembled. Just after commissioning, they were sent to Moscow for presentation, at the jubilee exhibition in the Ministry of Radio Industry.

In September 1978, one year before the estimated term, the newly built plant produced the first serial color TV set of second generation "Vityas 722". To the end of the year, 500 sets were produced. In 1979, the model 722 obtained "Sign of Quality" - an official mark confirmed the full compliance with state requirements of quality.

Since the very beginning, the increasing of amounts of production, oriented on home market, has become the key task of our enterprise. To 1980, the enterprise produced 50 000 sets per year, and in 1981 the amounts exceeded 100 000 sets. In 1984 already, 500 000 serial TV set was produced in Vitebsk.

In 1983, having obtained the appropriate technical and economy base, the plant detached from the head enterprise "Leninetz" (St. Petersburg) and turned to individual self-supporting run. Constant improvement of manufacturing process and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies allowed to start serial production of integral module TV sets Vityas C 381D in August of 1985. This "brainchild" of plant workers and employees won the great authority among the most demanding consumers. This model awarded silver and two bronze medals at the Exhibition of Achievements of Public Facilities in Moscow.

Together with the production of color TV sets, the plant took great efforts in development and production of computing technic. In 1987, the design bureau "Display" was formed and the production of special high-resolution kinescopes was organized. The bureau developed and produced digital computing machines for program-operated tools and systems of control on production technology process. Our plant also produced aircraft complexes "Groza" M24, used at the airliners for identification of thunder and snow clouds.

All these years, Vityas actively developed it's manufacturing abilities and went on stable production of modern TV sets, outstanding with their high quality and reliability. In 1988, the plant produced 155 126 color TV sets. In August, 17 1988 the million TV set Vityas left the production line.