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About Company

Open Joint Stock Company «Vityas» is one of the largest industrial diversified enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. It produces TVs, household appliances and medical equipment. As alternative kinds of production fire equipment, furniture, building materials, equipment for special purposes and outfit are produced on the territory of the company.

The enterprise is the resident of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) Vitebsk.

  • We offer the most favourable conditions in the ratio price-quality of products.
  • We are for flexible process of forming prices.
  • The enterprise is of a full cycle, flexible modification in development of the project at any stage, economy of time.
  • Manufacture is certificated and corresponds to requirements of the international system of quality ISO 9001-2001.
  • Service of produced goods.

Open Joint Stock Company «Vityas» offers the following kinds of works and services on a contract basis or on conditions of joint activity:

  • Designing and engineering of television, digital, electronic equipment and appliances of household, medical, industrial and special purpose;

  • Assembly manufacture of television, digital, medical, household appliances;

  • Designing and manufacturing of outfit, moulds and stamps, tool manufacture;

  • Electrodeposit of metal goods;

  • Manufacturing of boards, assembly of electronic modules and units;

  • Laser cut of metals;

  • Moulding of plastic products on modern thermoplastic equipment, manufacturing of products from expanded polystyrene;

  • Moulding of products from nonferrous metals;

  • Furniture and building materials made to order;